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2007-07-24 08:22:24 by Hashnoerej


There he lay with his arms wide open on top of the hill, his eyes shut but gazing at the clouds raging by, thinking of the events that had occured just moments earlier. There was no one to mind, so there was no need to surpress the tear that rolled off of his cheek, falling into the grass.
His heart beat loudly, pulsing with the rage he felt. Why was it him who had to lose it all? His family, his friends, his hope - all of those had been brutally robbed from him. But he himself had, at the last moment, managed to escape Them. Them.
They who had murdered his entire town. And for what? What was it they had been after, who was it that had sent them? He shuddered just thinking of Them again. He could almost smell the foul stench They spread again, and tried not to vomit, like he'd tried not to do moments earlier, when They infiltrated his home.
"Hide, quickly," his father had instructed him. "Please, son, they cannot have you."
He had hidden himself carefully - yet so that he could not avoid watching how They pumelled his father to death, and raped his mother to death for not answering their obscure question of "Where is it?"
With soaked eyes he'd opened the hatch in the closet he had hidden in, and ran away from his house, from his town that was in flames.
Tears fell rapidly off of his cheeks, and he sat up. Everyone he had ever loved had been murdered - because they shut up just like his parents did. He had no one to run to anymore.
"Except...", he muttered to himself, and quickly stood up, wiping away the water in his eyes. "If the legends I've been told time and again are true, then perhaps it might be..."
Far away from him, beyond the horizon, the sun was setting.

Err... well, that was interesting.


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2007-07-24 08:27:00

This was indeed quite intresting.
Reminds me of anime.

Very well written I must say, very well indeed.
I think I'm going to keep an eye on you.

It would be hard not to actually '-_- ^^